Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Artificial Eggs??

Saw this article yesterday about artificial eggs.

I got me thinking how they are made.

We have been told eating animal products is bad for the environment.

We have been told recycling is good for the environment.

100 years ago most kitchens had one of the best recycling systems in history....Chickens.

Every day people would throw their kitchen scraps into the back yard to their chickens.

Every morning they would come into the kitchen with a basket of eggs. But then came progress.

Now we put our kitchen scraps out on the street so they can be picked up by a deisel powered truck to be taken to the city compost. 

The compost is then taken by another diesel truck to a large organic farm where it is spread by a diesel powered tractor.

Almost all the plants and animals that once lived on that farm are no longer there, the land was cleared to make way for the farm.

Tractors are used to plant and harvest the plants that are grown.

The plants are taken by another diesel truck to a processing plant that is powered by electricity probably generated from coal or nuclear energy.

The natural plant material is processed by mechanical, chemical or heating  methods until it becomes an egg substitute.

The egg substitute is then put on yet another diesel truck so it can be transported to supermarkets around the country where people living in suburbs put it in their gas powered cars and take it home to feed their family's.

We do all this because we have been told that recycling and eating a plant based diet is good for the environment and eating animal products is bad for the environment.

It never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge we have gained in the last 100 years, and how much wisdom we have lost!

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