Wednesday, 23 January 2013


A quick post today with some links to back up the statements I made talking to Phil on AM 1150 in Kelowna.

Some researchers are calling Alzheimers type 3 diabetes.  They are finding that brain insulin resistance and the resulting inflammation plays a role.

Research has also shown that eating a diet high in carbohydrates increases the risk of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly.

Because the brain is insulin resistant it has a hard time using glucose for energy, this lack of energy causes damage.  The brain can also use ketones for energy.  The best way to increase ketones is with starvation( not a good option ),  a very low carb diet or with Medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil.

 There also seems to be problem with cholesterol metabolism in Alzheimers Disease.  The brain represents 2% of the mass of the human body but it uses 25% of the cholesterol.  Cholesterol is vital to the repair and maintenance of neurons.  The "War on Cholesterol" that has encouraged us to "Go Lower" trying to get our cholesterol as low as possible could be contributing to many of our brain disorders.

There is evidence that insulin resistance results in lower cholesterol and fatty acid levels in the brains of those with Alzheimers Disease.

There is not alot of research in this area since there is not alot of money to be made in a dietary approach.  All the money is going to try and find a magic pill to cure alzheimers.

Here are a couple academic papers that have come our related to dementia and ketogenic diets and glucose metabolism.

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